About Us

Who is Dr. Moshe Lewis MD?

Moshe Lewis has devoted his professional career to providing compassionate care to people who suffer from chronic pain. In addition to physical pain, Dr. Lewis and his team realize there is a strong emotional component that also needs to be addressed in dealing with pain.

What services does Dr. Moshe Lewis MD offer?

Moshe Lewis specializes in the non-surgical management of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries and diseases. His focus of care is pain relief, regaining flexibility, and building strength with the goal of getting people back to work and enjoying healthy, productive lives. Moshe is an Ivy League-trained doctor who is board-certified in physical medicine and rehab. He is also an experienced medical expert witness and independent medical evaluation professional with extensive medical case file review experience. He is a former VP of Operations at NASA and a former Director at Kaiser Permanente. Currently, he is the Chief of PM&R at California Pacific Medical Center.